atelier t(w)o architects

School Of Computer Science University Of Indonesia

Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Our information technology opens a completely new perception of communication and information. It frames non linear information network, opens up endless possibilities of “event”. As a school of computer science, we would like to apply this non-linear concept to the space and program. We tried to develop not only capsulated and defined space that accomodated our programs and needs, but also an event structure , that create frame for endless possibilities of informal programs - for special events, installations, exhibitions- and also accomodate the “spillage” of formal activities from the formal space and classrooms. It will open an Agora-like space for informal communication and teaching activities. The strategy is to incorporate voids that penetrated the building blocks. The non-linear penetrations “disturb” the formal blocks, open a non-linear plaza that penetrate the blocks in a vertical manner. The floating voids create a unique interior spatial perception. Furthermore the voids also perfom possitively for micro climate inside the blocks. The main entrance plaza bring the ground floor entrance to the main meeting/function room. The main stair with large canopy create an intermediary space. The main stair not only for circulation space, but also an event space, communication and interaction space. The green surface as emerge from the ground, continue wrapping the upper plaza, like a veil that enclose but at the same time seducing, symbolize the journey to unveil any achivement for information technology in the future. The outer "box" is covered by pixelated wall that resemble the pixelated computer bits.