atelier t(w)o architects

Malalayang city

Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia

This mixed used development is planned on a 1.7 hectares waterfront land. The site has a linear character with almost 200 meters depth. The intention is to have an open and welcoming entrance that anticipates the depth of the site and to make use the most of the site. Water and waves are developed as the concept design. The smooth and dynamic quality of the development will make it stand out among the formal and stiff neighbourhood. It also arouse a relaxing, casual, and welcoming ambiance. At ground level, an event plaza is stuffed in the development, offering open ground floor which enhance the commercial and public qualities at the ground floor. At the roof of the podium volume, a vast roof garden with swimming pool and various activities offers an elevated ground for the towers. The hotel tower is located at the front since it is the most public function among the towers. The other three apartment towers are developed at the back which offer more privacy. Not only functioned effectively as a commercial development, this development will also be an icon for the Malalayang waterfront.