atelier t(w)o architects

Kalimalang City

Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia

Being right on the border of eastern Jakarta and Bekasi region, facing one of the busiest main road at the eastern part of the metropolitan, this site was filled with congested flows of people, trade, interest and transportation.

This huge potential urban space is buried under this underdeveloped and crowded area. 

The design intention is to reurbanize this former traditional commercial area into a new vibrant urban magnet that enhance its potential.

A main boulevard extending the rows of shop houses on the main road that characterize this neighborhood into the site, pulling the commercial potential into the project. This main flow is branched into smaller and quiter road that accomodate the residential facilities. The other side of the boulevard is occupied by a life style center. The hotel and residential towers, raising on it, use its roof as an extended vibrant open space.

The idea of vibrant and open is also incorporated in the planning and design. Open and collaborative space replace conventional enclosed and separated space.

Various activities are smoothly differentiated. This new vibrant space is intended to become the major urban magnet at the eastern part of the metropolitan city.