atelier t(w)o architects

Villa Ubud Resort Anyer

Anyer, Indonesia

Villa Ubud Resort Anyer is a 27 ha development that means to be an integrated resort and residential complex. Being at the upper ground facing the sea, this development will create a tropical resort ambiance that resemble Bali. With the contour land, it is intended to present the resort ambiance of Ubud, with significant contour landscape. This unique integration of contour landscape and beach environment will become a new happening get away destination for Jakarta residents. 

Commercial facilities are planned around the main entrance roundabout, benefiting from the more accessible area. More private areas are developed in the inner part of the development. Villas are planned in gated clusters connected by a 20 meters wide boulevard as the spinal route that connects all the residences and the resort facilities. Apartment and hotel towers are planned on the higher ground, creating an unobstructed ocean view. 

Partial thematic gardens are planned as pocket semi public space for the villa clusters. All of them are designed as a resemblance of the authentic gardens and landmarks of Ubud area at Bali.